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Creating Home Automation

Creating Home Automation

How To Automate Your Home From Anywhere: 10 Simple Steps and the Best DIY devices to Creating Home Automation! If you’re looking to get started to creating home automation in your home and do it DIY, the first question isn’t how, but what? What are you planning to automate? Then, once you have the what, […]

How to Setup Smart Home Systems

Set up a Smart Home

Ever wondered how to setup Smart Home Systems X10, Insteon, ZigBee and Z-Wave provide only the fundamental technology, called protocols, for smart home communication. They’ve created alliances with electronics manufacturers who actually build the end-user devices. These type of gateways is how to setup Smart Home Systems end to end in your house. If you […]

Why Smart Home Technology

Hello Smart Home

Why Smart Home Technology…its simply the way of the Future! Smart Home Technology and Home automation has a long and fitful history. For many years, tech trends have come and gone, but one of the first companies to find success is still around in the smart home arena. The genesis of many smart home products […]

Make your Irrigation System Smart with Qubino

Smart Home Automation - Make your Irrigation System Smart with Qubino

With the Qubino Flush 1 Relay you can easily DIY to make your Irrigation System Smart The gardening season is in full swing! If you want your lawn to stay nice and green or to enjoy the fresh and juicy homegrown veggies, forgetting to water your lawn or garden is simply not an option so […]

Control your Home Automation System from your Smartwatch

Smart Watch

When you’re looking to automate your home, control is a key element. What if you were able to control your home automation system from your smartwatch on your wrist? Here are some Basics on How to Control your Home Automation System from your Smartwatch! While taking command in-app on your smartphone is the most common […]

Beginners Guide to Smart Home Automation

Beginners Guide to Smart Home Automation

Here is a beginners guide to Smart Home Automation! Beginners…Listen Up! Setting up a Smart Connected Home with this beginners guide to Smart Home Automation can help make it really simple for you! The allure of the smart home is strong. You can unlock your smart door lock with your phone, walk into your house, have the […]

What exactly is Z-Wave


Have you ever wondered…What exactly is Z-Wave? What Exactly is Z-Wave? A Technical description! So what exactly is Z-Wave, it is a wireless communications protocol, developed especially for home automation. It is a mesh network, which uses low-energy radio waves at 800-900 MHz frequency. It is designed to ensure reliable and low-latency transmission of small […]