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Security Cameras

IFTTT Cloud IP Camera

$154.11 incl. GST

Smart Electronics

Fibaro Z Wave Swipe Pad

$299.99 incl. GST

Smart Electronics

Fibaro Z Wave Keyfob

$99.99 incl. GST
$589.00 $429.99 incl. GST
$549.99 $409.99 incl. GST
$1,399.00 $1,199.00 incl. GST
$328.90 $247.50 incl. GST
$114.99 $99.99 incl. GST
$328.90 $247.50 incl. GST
$129.99 $114.99 incl. GST

Securifi Almond

The next generation in Zigbee Smart Hubs.

Securifi Almond Smart Hub

The Securifi Almond is an all in one Smart Home Security, ZigBee, Z Wave Smart Hub and WiFi Router System compatible with all your favourite smart home automation brands.

Total Home Security

With built-in Siren, 4G & battery backup, its made for home security. The Almond also sends alerts to users mobile devices during breaches.

Seamless WiFi

Its not just a home security smart hub. Its also a whole home WiFi system that gives blazing fast & seamless WiFi throughout your home.


Control, connect & monitor up to 100 ZigBee & Z Wave smart home devices from home and away. Works with all your favourite smart home brands.

Cyber Security

Its advanced Cyber Security keeps your entire home network safe from virus, botnets & ransomware attacks. We call it Total Security.

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The Smart Home Automation Experts

Established in 2019, Smart Home Direct is proudly Australian Owned and Operated.

We work with some of the worlds leading smart home automation and smart home devices product suppliers locally and internationally to provide home automation products including Smart Hubs, Smart Gateways, Smart Alarm Systems, Smart Security Solutions, Smart Cameras, Smart Doorbells, Smart Doorlocks, Smart Sensors, Smart Projectors, Smart Sound Systems, Smart TVs, Smart Lighting, Smart Dimmers, Smart Switch, Smart Plugs, Smart Cooling & Heating, Smart Thermostats, Smart Energy Monitors, Smart Water Sensors, Smart Weather Stations, Wireless Charger Kits, Smart Appliances, Robotic Vacuums and other various Smart Electronics

We aim to help the everyday busy individuals get back some time and simply relax to enjoy the finer things in life, by taking their home to the future of smart home automation all at affordable prices to suit any budget.

We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity with customer service being our highest priority. If you need a particular smart home product we either have it or we can source it for you.

We are proud to stock and partner with some of the worlds major brands in the smart home arena such as such as Qubino, Aeotec, Smanos, Chuango, Swann Security, Securifi, HIKVision, Fibaro, Yale, Remotec, Devanti, Vera, VIP Vision and many more Z-Wave home automation products.

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