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ZigBee is a international communication protocol norm that’s been around for over a decade, and it’s wide thought-about as an alternate to WiFi and Bluetooth for a few applications as well as weak devices that don’t need tons of information measure like smart home sensors.

ZigBee allows broad-based preparation of wireless networks which are cost effective and low-power solutions. ZigBee provides the power to endure years on cheap batteries for a number of observation and management applications such smart energy meters, lighting controls, building automation systems, tank monitoring, HVAC management, medical devices and fleet applications are just a few of the numerous areas wherever ZigBee technology is creating vital advancements.

A typical example would be a ZigBee enabled smart light bulb and a ZigBee enabled smart switch, the user then needs the light switch to manage the light bulb. With ZigBee, the 2 devices, notwithstanding they’re from completely different makers, on condition that they speak a standard language, there’s no barrier to communication.

ZigBee doesn’t concentrate on point-to-point communication, not like Bluetooth, wherever one high-powered device sends information to a different high-powered device over a brief range, whereas ZigBee operates in an exceedingly mesh network, that is why it’s fantastic for the smart home.