Hints and Tips for Smart Home Lighting⁠

Smart Home Lighting

Are you looking to setup Smart Home Lighting in your house? It’s easier & cheaper than you think!⁠

Here are Some Tips!⁠

1. Start with smart bulbs. Arguably the easiest way to upgrade your lighting is with smart bulbs and at Smart Home Direct we stock various types & brands of Smart Bulbs⁠.

2. Play with colour-changing bulbs. When shopping for smart bulbs, you’ll usually see two options; white only and colour, we stock both at Smart Home Direct. ⁠

3. Check compatibility as different brands work with either their own App or other common platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, Samsung SmartThings, Z-wave, Philips Hue, IFTTT and more. At Smart Home Direct we have bulbs that are compatible with all platforms.

4. Don’t go for the cheap. There are so many brands out there and when you get home they just don’t work or have a short lifespan. At Smart Home Direct we stock quality smart bulb products.⁠

5. Save yourself some $$$ on your Energy Bills while you’re at it and make sure they are LED bulbs. At Smart Home Direct all our bulbs are LED.

6. Make sure you layer your lights by making sure you have layers of light in every room, from ambient to accent.

7. Actually use your smart lights for what they’re designed to do, schedule them, turn them off remotely with your phone, come home to your lights on etc. At Smart Home Direct our bulbs can do all these fancy things.⁠

8. Group your smart lights for better control by rooms or zones e.g. after 1 a.m. make every light on the main level dim to 20 percent brightness. You get the idea.⁠

9. Smart lights can be used as Smart Home Security, so link lights to activate with motion or sound as the trigger. At Smart Home Direct our bulbs can integrate with other smart devices.⁠

From all of us at Smart Home Direct we hope you have enjoyed these handy tips!⁠