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Smart Hubs & Smart Gateways – Create your Smart Home System Today!

When discussing smart home automation, smart hubs and smart gateways which may even sometimes called home automation kits or an internet of Things (IoT) platform are the central device that permits all the various smart devices attached to it; lights, locks, thermostats, heating, cooling, entertainment systems, doors, windows, home security, alarms, motion sensors, window coverings, water sprinklers and appliances etc. with the main goal of creating a smart network for these smart devices work together and speak to each other.

A smart hub or smart gateway once established, ultimately allows the consumer to manage all their smart devices through a centralised app on their portable devices like a mobile to build a smart home system or smart network for his or her home.

Smart hubs and smart gateways support automation software like IFTTT (If This Then That) which allows users to make chains of straightforward conditional statements that are triggered by supported changes to other web services.