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Smart Controllers & Smart Remotes

Most people have heard of the term “universal remote” before, a smart controller  or remote is basically the same thing, however uses newer technology to control more than just your smart TV like traditional universal remotes have in the past.

This is the key difference and is what make a smart controller more practical in todays day and age as over the years the amount of different electronic devices per household has been rising and will continue to rise well into the future as technology continues to advance.

Typically you would expect a smart controller or remote to be able to control five or more devices in your home, from home media staples like your TV and speakers to connected devices such as a smart lighting system or a thermostat.

Many smart controllers and remotes do this by including a range of infrared (IR) sensors and radios for commanding the TV, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for connected home devices.

A smart controller may also have a screen onboard that adapts depending on which device you’re controlling and in most cases today a smart controller is a separate small IR device unit connected to your home network that communicates with each of the devices in your home that you want to control and then your smart device whether it be your phone or even smart watch actually becomes your smart remote to control the linked devices.

Smart Controllers

ZigBee IR Remote Controller

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Smart Controllers

ZigBee Remote Control Keyfob

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Home Security Systems

Chuango 2Pk RC527 Remote Controls

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Home Security Systems

Chuango RFID Tags 2PK

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Home Security Systems

Chuango RC80 Remote Controls

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Home Security Systems

Smanos RFID Reader and Tags

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