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Smart Light Switch Modules

Smart lighting modules are small devices that can be installed behind virtually any light switch to ‘add smarts’ to any type of connected light.

Used in functional lighting solutions, these modules can be retrofit and enable you to use your smart light switch to control the light as well as additional methods of control.

The great thing is that with such devices it allows people to keep the existing look of their home décor when it comes to Light Switches or even Powerpoints / GPOs, however at the same time allowing you to turn those “dumb” switches into smart switches.

Another added benefit of these small modules is that you can still turn off the light from the wall switch and will never lose the ability to operate your light switches manually.

These smart modules will now simply give you the added benefit and ability to also control lights or appliances plugged into your new smart switches by using an app on your smart device or your voice with integrated solutions like Google Home, Alexa or Apple Homekit.

Even if you have an old style federation or historic home, or simply want to keep the existing look and feel of your light fixtures there is no reason to not bring your home into the future of home automation.